Gatetime Confusion using Freqcounter.h library


I am currently using a Light-to-Frequency converter (TSL235R model) as a sensor to convert an LED's light to frequency.

I'm using Arduino UNO as the microcontroller, and a frequency counter library I got from this site:

This is the sample program coding (from the site):

#include <FreqCounter.h>

void setup() {
Serial.begin(57600); // connect to the serial port
Serial.println("Frequency Counter");

long int frq;
Void loop() {

FreqCounter::f_comp= 8; // Set compensation to 12
FreqCounter::start(100); // Start counting with gatetime of 100ms
while (FreqCounter::f_ready == 0) // wait until counter ready

frq=FreqCounter::f_freq; // read result
Serial.println(frq); // print result

My question is:
From the coding, how does changing the gatetime affect my frequency readings? I get 5-digit readings (max) with 100ms and 6-digit readings with 1000ms.

Which one is the value of my actual(real) frequency?? Or do I need to do any conversion? Thanks for any advice!

Looking at the code for that frequency counter library, it appears to me that f_freq is not the actual frequency, but is the number of input pulses counted during the gate time. So with a gate time of 100ms, f_freq will be one tenth of the frequency.