gateway with arduino and xbee

Hi, I'm doing an arduino proyect with 3 arduinos duemilanove and 3 xbee shields serie 1 (1 is going to work as a gateway and 2 as an end devices). The object is make a regulaltion feedback, where the gateway is use to monitorize the process and to set up the proces's control(for example set up the constants of PID). I can communicate the 1st end device (actuator) with the 2nd end device(sensor), and the 2nd end device with the gateway, but I can´t send constants beetwen the gateway and the 1st end device, and I have configurated the xbee modules correctly, as is shown is many forums, webs, and tutorials (setting MY, DH,DL,CH.PANID, etc).

Can anybody help me to know how I can avoid this problem?


I'm not convinced that you can use XBees the way you want. The Series 1 models are point-to-point, meaning two of them can communicate with each other.

The Series 2/2.5 models are meant to communicate in a mesh arrangement, with end devices and coordinators.

That having been said, tell us how you have configured the XBees - exactly what you changed (specific values would be nice, but not mandatory if you need to hide something, like PAN ID).

Show us the code running on the 3 Arduinos.

Lots of thanks Paul S

I think, that it is posible, I have seem some examples in some forums, in my opinion the network should have an esay behaviour (just setting up the parameters MY, BD, AND DL):

1s en device ---2nd end device---gateway(again to the 1s end device)

But I will have a look to data sheet to test what you have told me. In other way, I configured the xbee modules with the x ctu, and i just change the parameters that I write on my last message. I will show you the code, It can be useful, maybe you could understand better what I want to do THANKS

I have been looking for what is exactly a point to point network for regard if is posible to me do what I told in my first post. I have found a very complete description of this and of course of the rest of the possibles networks configuration. I left it here the for who wants have a look.