gcc-avr_4.3.3 for Ubuntu 8.04?

Has anyone built gcc 4.3.3 for Ubuntu Hardy?

I tried pulling back the jaunty packages as suggested here for amd64, but the i386 gcc-avr is dependent on a newer libc6 that's not available for hardy.

I've found a script for building it on avrfreaks.com, or might try rebuilding the .debs on 8.04, but wanted to avoid the hassle of identifying and installing the required -dev libraries if possible.



I downloaded the scripts attached to this post, and found it quick and easy to build an up-to-date toolchain. You have to register for the attachments to show up on the thread display.

It's better if you have a broadband connection, because the scripts download a large chunk of source code (about 70-80M). But the process is automated, so you can leave it running overnight if you're on dialup.

You need to be acquainted with the command line, because it's all shell scripts, but there's no need to be even a "journeyman", much less an "expert".

The build process took about 35 minutes on my 2GHz, 1.5G RAM machine.

The default is to install into a new directory, "/usr/local/avr". You'll need to either change that, or change the PATH in the environment where you run the IDE. That's the only significant difference from installing from prebilt packages.