Gear Motor angles and control

I am using a gear motor with hall sensor, I am reading the revolutions per position. After a certain amount of time, the gear motor somehow couldn't get back to the exact position where I have set it. I am trying to rotate the motor clockwise and anti-clockwise.

How can I fix this issue to get a more precise angle?

I have different positions and I have set the revolutions to 706 per position. 2 cycles are completed the motor is going to the exact positions, for the 3 times when it starts the rotation, It can't get to its exact angles and is slightly off.

I have some fraction on my setup

I have attached the code I am using. I have change the revolutions if it can help me to get the gear motor back to the position I have set it to.

dc-motor_test.ino (1.87 KB)

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