Geared Encoder Servo Motor with RMCS2301

Hello ALL,

I am new user to Servo motor.

i want to drive Mega Torque DC Planetary Geared Encoder Servo Motor 250W 50RPM 18VDC 352Kgcm

from robokits with RMCS-2301 driver.

from motor datasheet i can not find out frequency of pulses which is given to driver circuit to drive at 50 RPM or to set any other RPM of Motor.

So please let me know is there any formula or anything else that i have to search for.
I have googled a lot to drive this motor but i can not find regarding this.

From what I see, 1 shaft revolution is 670600 pulses, so 1 RPM would = 670600 / 60 = 11176.67 pulses per second, 50 RPM = 558833.333333 PPS. The drive has " step input multiplier" from 1X to 8X, whatever that means.