Gearmotor + Arduino


What is "Stall Current" ?

I want to buy this motor from pololu:

Gear ratio: 30:1 Free-run speed @ 6V: 1000 rpm Free-run current @ 6V: 120 mA Stall current @ 6V: 1600 mA Stall torque @ 6V: 8 oz·in Extended motor shaft?: N

What is "Stall Current"?

Can i control it with MotorShield 1A DFRobots? or with the MotorShield v3.0 ?

Thanks you ;)

What is "Stall Current"?

it is the current that locks the motor's shaft i.e prevents it from moving freely that is the highest current it could consume

Can i control it with MotorShield 1A DFRobots? or with the MotorShield v3.0 ?

it depends on the current rating the max current your motor could consume is 1600 mA any board which has a current rating more than that would suffice in case you want to use the 1A dfrobots you could parallel two channels to run a single motor

Ok! thanks for the explanation, in this case i want control two motors and will be better if i buy the MotorShield 2A from DFRobot.


SURE! but i would advice using a h bridge ic like l298 and make a controller your self ;)

Hello again!

I have the two Pololu motors with the following specs:

General specifications Gear ratio: 30:1 Free-run @ 6V Speed: 1000 rpm Free-run 6V @ current: 120 mA @ 6V Stall current: 1600 mA Stall torque @ 6V: 8 oz · in Extended motor shaft?: N

Now i have a 2A Motorshield from DFrobot 8-)

Feeding the Arduino via the Vin pin with a 9v battery:

My only doubt is how can i connect the motors source power:

  • from the Arduino (option Vin on the Motorshield)
  • or if i must connect the battery directly to the motors (External Power Supply option on the Motorshield)