Geeetech Voice Recognition Module Not Responding

Hello everyone,
I’m a student at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. Currently I’m working on my thesis based on an Arduino Uno R3 and I want to use the Geeetech Voice Recognition Module. I was having some problems, mainly with the sound part, but generally everything seemed to be working. I recoreded some commands and I focused on the coding. The problem is that today, when I connected the module and powered up the Arduino, I sent the 0xAA 0x00 command and I didn’t get any response. All the hardware parts seem fine, I checked it many times, as well as the baud rate etc. I also tried other commands, but still I don’t get any response at all… Any ideas?

This is known as troubleshooting. The problem that you describe can have a multitude of causes. You might begin with verifying voltages, not just by checking your wiring but by actually measuring supply voltage at the module and at the Arduino. If this fails to reveal anything, you might try swapping in a different Arduino or a different module, if you have one, to isolate the problem to one of these units. Much of your approach to diagnosing the problem will depend on what test equipment you have available to you.

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