Geeetech voice recognition module stuck

Hello everyone,

I have a problem with my voice recognition module. I am a beginner, so i watched a tutorial about it. Here is the link to the video: How to Talk with Arduino Board | Voice Recognition Module | Mert Arduino - YouTube
My hardware is the same as in the tutorial. Everything works fine until i send the command (aa11) to start the record. The module responds with START but stucks in a cycle (START START START) and not responds to any other command until i turn it off and turn it on again. Otherwise except of the start recording commands it works well with the others. Please help :confused:


I am experiencing exactly the same issue. The software version is 1.0 and appears to respond to all commands - reset, change baud rate, delete groups, compact/common modes etc. but fails to record voice on any of the three groups. I have tried several microphones but it gets stuck in the same START START... loop each time. It requires a power-cycle to recover.
Did you get any more information about this problem??

I am having the exact same problem. I've tried bypassing the 3.5mm jack, which didn't work.

I took a look at the documentation, and saw the following:

Send: 0xaa11
Receive (in Common Mode):
No voice // I did not make any sound. So it replied such message
Speak now

I used a different microphone, but it never stopped the START loop. So I ran that microphone through a preamp and boosted it slowly from 0 to 20 decibels while saying verbal commands. Even totally tweaked out, the chip read nothing.

I am having the same issue; serial just returns "start" every 1.3 seconds, did anyone get anywhere with this?

Have the exactly same problem as TechAaron (serial just returns "start" every 1.3 seconds). Has anyone come up yet with a fix for that? Thanks
P.S. Pls see also the following thread , where TechAaron posted a detailed explanation of the problem.