Gender Changer?

These pin header strips are excellent for their purposes, attaching to PCBs and prototype boards. But I would love to see such strips but where the pins are equally long at both ends, to be used as gender changers. I have plenty of F-F cables but without a gender changer, I can’t of course connect any of them to an Arduino. Or are these products available somewhere? I may just not know the right keyword to search for.


The plastic spacer between the pins are movable so you can adjust it to the middle.

Or you can buy male jumpers.

Thanks codlink.

In the discussion thread I even found a link to exatcly the item I was looking for:

And they are cheaper. I am going to have to try pololu next time before buying from sparkfun. lol

LOL, speak about... Look what I just found at the electronics scrapheap. I should be able to make gender changers for 20 pins from them. :)

that's why I still have 286, 386 and 486 mother boards. they were full of headers and things. an easy way of removing the header pins is to "lift" the plastic part off first and the remove the pins one by one.