General approach and Advice on GPS tracker/transmitter

Hi Guys

I have started a new project and as usual the excitement got the better of me , I ordered all the parts soldered everything up and now im struggling with the code. be assured that next time the hardware will be planned around what is best for the solution and what i can do with the code but that said . lets get back to business.

I have bought the MediaTek GPS 3392 unit
RFM22B 433mhz transceivers
MiniSD card reader

what the main goal is behind the project is to create a GPS logger that logs two fixes a day to the SD card and when in range of the "base station" radio dump the complete log file to the basetation radio/SD card.

the RF22 radios is SPI, aswell as the SD card reader/writter. GPS is serial coms.

I need advice on how i would be able to safe Latitudes and longitudes to SD card with the dot or comma separated values for example -27.456372 instead of -27456372 as what i currently get . Im using the TinyGPS library to get messages and encode them to readable messages but I cant get them to send the values with comma's to the SD card. long, float double nothing works as intended. any advice on how to do this ?

then the RF22 radios as great and brilliant as they are they are very tricky to use. i have the RF22 libraries working nicely but for some reason i cant even get a simple value variable sent across the comes , has anyone worked with these radios successfully?

then on a more general note of advice.
what would be the best Array/String to use to format these sort of information into a send able string ?
examples or references would be great!!!


I wonder if you are still pursuing this?
How did you go