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I am planning to move from India to Canada, I had brought and was using Sunrobotics Arduino UNO based Starter Kit, Raspberry Pi 4 Desktop Kit, ESP8266 Serial WiFi Expansion Board Module for Arduino, while I was in India. In India the supply frequency is 50hz. Can I use the same in Canada, or would there be any chance of accidents due to the difference in supply frequencies in India and Canada

If your electronics runs on DC, in Canada you need 60 hertz power supplies to generate that DC.

50 hertz equipment cannot be used on 60 hertz.

There are, however, universal power supplies available.

Welcome to Canada.

Take view onto the powersupply unit to check the input requirements.

Utter nonsense! Devices with transformers designed for 50 HZ actually work better at 60 Hz. The problem the OP needs to be concerned with is the voltage!!!
All of North America supplies 120 volts to all regular home power outlets. What voltage did your power supplies use?

Correct! :sunglasses:

Devices using a series capacitor as a dropper might be a problem, possibly some LED bulbs may do that although most actually appear to include a complete switchmode converter.

And yes, devices using a switchmode converter rectify the AC into DC anyway, so will not care and even run on DC though the minimum working voltage may be a bit higher.

Many of them (but not all) such as virtually all PC power supplies are intended to run on quite a range of supply voltages.

Not so !

Neighbour moved in from out of country (from 50hz area).

Both their TVs and a computer went up in smoke when powered up.

But for reasons not related to the mains frequency. All TVs for the last 30 years or more and virtually all PCs ever, use a switchmode power supply. No 50 or 60 Hz transformers.

They likely failed to realize they were designed for 220 volts. Running at 120 volts caused them to overheat and smoke.

Hard to plug a 240V plug into a 120V receptacle.

Not exactly sure of the circumstances.
People from Asia somewhere.

As for the OP, if power supplies indicate 50/60hz, good to go.
Obviously, AC input voltage must be 120V.

If 50hz only, all bets are off.

isn't Japan 90 volts at 50 Hz? Perhaps other Asian countries are similar.

Electric razor worked on a visit there :slight_smile: .

Thought Japan was 100V but not sure if it’s that all over the country.

Not sure if they are from there.

Yes, I think different islands have different power.

Well here's the point.

You have mentioned a "Sunrobotics Arduino UNO based Starter Kit" and various others, but this does not include a power supply. The mains frequency only ever matters to the power supply.

The Sunrobotics page on power supplies shows many options, all of which specify either "50/60 Hz", some "47 to 63 Hz" and in the case of many switchmode supplies, no reference to frequency which is fair enough as explained before, switchmode supplies first rectify the mains to DC so the frequency is quite irrelevant and indeed (unlike a transformer) they will just as happily operate on DC. Many are also specified to operate at between about 100 and 260 V.

So if you did have any concern about whether your power supply will operate satisfactorily on 60 Hz, you clearly need to describe (Web link) what power supply it is that you are talking about. :confused:

I came to Canada from Europe and took with me all electronics and appliances everything is working, for 220V I am using two phases instead of neutral and one phase

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