General help on re-appropriating

I am fairly new to Arduino and I'm looking for some general guidance here as I'm not even sure what keywords to Google. I have removed some smaller Motors both stepper and DC and the LCD screen from a printer copier machine. The motors have built on to them little encoders that count the rotations on it. I would like to use this motor and this LCD screen. But I am not sure how to go about figuring out which wires do what or how to interface with the screen. The motor has six wires coming off of it. I'm assuming two for the motor two for the encoder I'm not sure what the other two are for. The LCD screen has 17 wires coming off of it. It is attached to a board with nine buttons also and a single thin cable connector on the back. Would you guys mind pointing me in a Direction so I could figure out how to connect these pieces? If you could give me some key words to Google or a couple links for me to look at or a quick explanation I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you

It is very unlikely that you will find data sheets for custom parts salvaged from a commericial device, and it could be very difficult to reverse engineer the parts. But if there are any markings on the parts, Google them and you might find something.

Usually it is not worth your time.

If you have a specific project, it is almost always far better to buy parts that are suitable for that project.

As Jremington says Google is your buddy on salvaged parts.

A lot of motors use std numbering systems so sometimes its easy to work out what they are.

One such system here

More on motors HERE

There are more but that should get you started.

Printers and scanners can be a good source of parts along with much older audio equipment.
Also get yourself a decent multimeter as it will be invaluable to test parts.

PS the encoder would use at least 3 wires and possibly 4 if they ran seperate grounds (often the case)

thank you to both of you. I was telling myself these would be the answer but was hoping for something different. I really wanted to use the little LCD screens but it sounds as if the hassle wont be worth it.

good links. I will re-read them again tomorrow.

Post a good pic of the back of the never know...Also if there are numbers on it then google pics can be worth a browse too