General hookup question (spc1000 sensor)


I'm new to the Arduino and am confused about when a resistor needs to be inserted into a circuit to protect the sensor or Arduino. At the moment, I'm working on getting a SPC1000 pressure sensor (using the SparkFun breakout) hooked up. According to an older thread (?num=1213217330/0, n00b SPI problem), you connect CSB to digital 10, MOSI to 11, MISO to 12, and SCK to 13. Do I need a resistor to ground on each of these connections to the Arduino?

i.e. is it:

CSB --- d10


CSB --+-- d10 | +-- resistor -- GND

How does one choose which resistor?

Thanks much!


VTI SCP1000 Series
Absolute pressure sensor

Only thing I can see mentioned here is bypass capacitors on page 34. The Sparkfun breakout board supplies those.

There also needs to be a solid signal ground between the sensor and the Arduino. I don’t see anything else mentioned on the four SPI signal lines in the research I’ve done.

Basic explanation of SPI from

The connections for SPI would be the same as in the SPI-EEPROM demo for Arduino which also explains how SPI works.


Thanks for the information on the SPC1000. I do have the breakout board, so it sounds like all I need to do is hook up the four signal lines to four digital ports, ground and 3.3V.

I see resistors in a lot of sensor circuits and I wasn't sure if this was a general protection mechanism, or something required by particular sensors.