General info

Hi all, I am very new to using Arduino and have a question. I am looking for a DIY Servo Tester that has push button and a potentiometer and adding a LCD, I know that sounds simple BUT what I am looking for is:
1st to control the servo 180 degree's in either direction with the pot.
2nd to use the push button to bring the servo back to center
also use a push button to change the speed of the servo
and use the LCD to monitor the degree's.
I know I could buy one of these servo tester on the market but really what fun is that
I have looked at all the codes and tutorials on you tube but have not found this particular set up can this be done??

Of course that can be done. You might not find a ready example of exactly what you want but you can certainly find all the pieces, moving a servo with a pot, reading a button, writing something to an LCD. All you have to do is learn how each of those things work then you can put it together into what you want.

Thank You much