General purpose NPN comparability -- 2N3904 and BC548?

Schematic calls for BC548 transistors, and I have tons of 2N3904's... based on the datasheets it seems like a valid substitute. Am I good to go with this?


Use an online tool to validate your choice.

They are almost the same other then the hFE. The BC547 is a European transistor while 2N3904 is an American transistor. Both are common NPN bipolar junction transistors used for general-purpose low-power amplifying or switching applications. Give it a try it probably will work but without a schematic this is just a SWAG!

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The data sheets looked 'bout the same :laughing:



It wouldn't be the first time LOL

Perhaps you could include it or post a link?

BC-547 datasheet
2N3904 datasheet
These two are what I would consider the "best" datasheets and yet they are missing information that are present in the other part (e.g. switching time, noise figure, etc)

The Analog Devices kit come with 2N3904 for "small signal NPN". However, it also includes a TIP31CFS and ZVN3310

Yeah. what the schematic does might help answer the question of whether it would be a good substitute.

How many do you need? It might help breadboard it with either one to see whether it functions as expected.

2n 3904 is my fav general purpose switching transistor , 200mA .

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