General Sensor/Interfacing question


My knowledge of everything here is pretty much zero, but I hope someone can point me in the right direction.

I want to get some form of sensor, for example a bend sensor, and program max/msp to respond to its variables. However, i understand that I cannot just plug the sensor into an audio interface as I have to send electricity through the sensor to create a variation in voltage, which can then be measured.

So i assume i need some form of circuit board that does this? Arduino?

Am i in the correct place?

Cheers for the help

Alex :-/

To answer your question, we need the spec of your 'bend sensor'. A link would do.

Thats a pdf of the bend sensor. If that doesn't work this is the page that links to it.

Really appreciate it.

This sensor would be ideal for an application with Arduino.

It runs off 5V same as an Arduino. It is low power, requiring only 5mA. It's output is 0.25V to 4.75V well within the Arduino ADC range.

Hookup should be very easy as it essentially a potentiometer.

That's an expensive bend sensor! You might want to look into this for a cheaper way to make your own bend sensors:

There's also methods using conductive plastic from anti-static bags that you can find via googling...

Unless, of course, you need/must use a comercial solution for some reason (reliability over time, consistency of product, etc).


Just connect the power and run pin 2 (sensor OP) to an analogue input.


I appreciate the comments! what great feedback. No other forum has been that helpful that quickly.

thanks guys