general serial communication question...

hi there

I'm still on my project of building a bluetooth enabled power plug. unfortunately I'm still
having big issues with serial communication. the setup is at the moment an arduino diecimila
and a bluegiga wt32w which is connected to pins 0 and 1 (rx and tx).

when I try to read out the values over the serial communication and then print the values to
the arduino software I think there is some mixup happening between communication of arduino
to arduino software and arduino to bt board.

when I try the same thing over the software serial library, it works perfectly.
my question is now if the describe setup is even possible with arduino. I mean it's no problem to use
a gps chip over serial because there you only need to recieve, not send information.

I guess it's no problem once you use arduino without a connection to the development software,
but this 'problem' makes it kind of hard to code and debug...

how do you handle that?


I have found a possible solution. With the NewSoftSerial Library
communication works quite nicely. It requires a 16mhz board though...

(damn you sparkfun wee :wink: )

Could you post some info e.g. schematics or info on hooking up the BlueGiga module please?

I have read data sheets and so on, but it's a muddle to me!


Another solution is to use the new Arduino Mega, that has 4 hardware serial ports.

hey PA skins
Are you using just the module or the module on the breakout board?

With the breakout board I use the following pins:
VCC: 3.3V
GND: ground
Tx: arduino Rx
RX: arduino Tx
BTEN: pin to enable module
RESET: pin to reset module

(mine works only if I set the reset pin first to high and then to low before using it)