General U8glib Question


I'm trying to create a system with a bit of pizazz, making a sort of boot screen. My setup includes (among other things), an IR motion sensor (link) and a display being driven by the U8glib. The IR motion sensor requires a calibration time. Instead of the LCD being blank, I want to do a countdown. But this is unfortunately not in the loop() section, but in the setup() section. Any attempt to do

u8g.drawStr( 10, 35, "HAMMOND");

in that section just gets ignored by the display. Any ideas on how to do this? I really appreciate your help, and here is my full code if you want to take a look:

[EDIT: code in next post because it's too long!]

(I know it's really long, that's because it includes a LOT of other things, but I tried to keep it as neat and labeled as I could!)

I actually can't post my entire code because it's too long! :disappointed_relieved:

You can attach files. Click on additional options at the bottom of the page.

Maybe you can just post the setup() code.