Generate 2 opposite PWMs at teh same time.

I would like to have a pulse width output pin that when fires HIGH / LOW, the second output pin does the opposite logic state. Example:

Pin 1 = 1 0 1 0

Pin 2 = 0 1 0 1

I realize this is an over simplified example of how the pulse width actually works, but is there some way to do this? Clearly I can't ask the microcontroller a question (if pwm1 is HIGH, the pwm2 =LOW) and expect it to output the opposite state at exactly the same time.

Actually you can. You can attach a pin change interrupt to the PWM pin and have the ISR toggle another pin for you, Easier if you take control of PWM.

So I looked at a few examples online....ouch... not really getting it unfortunately.

Start from here, reply #7.

Google Arduino PWM Secrets.

What you need is a simple TTL inverter, like a 74LS14, or even a single transistor and a couple of resistors.

Ray L.