Generating a clock signal

Hello all,

I'm a researcher just starting to work with the Arduino. I was wondering if there was a straightforward way of generating a sinusoidal output to use as a clock signal. Basically, I have an external device that I need to provide an 8 Hz sine-wave to. I have found several methods online, but they all seem overly complicated for what I think would be a super simple thing to accomplish using a microcontroller.

I'm using the Arduino Uno. Any advice would be much appreciated.

Thank you,

The standard Arduino cannot generate a well defined (variable) DC voltage, if that is what you need.

It can generate an approximation using AnalogWrite(), which is a pulsed value that must be smoothed and averaged with an external resistor and capacitor. A sine table lookup can be used the set the approximate output value.

Otherwise, use an external digital to analog converter (DAC) or a more advanced Arduino, like the Due, that has one built in.