Generating Multiple Frequencies on Arduino 101

I am trying to generate two different 100 kHz frequencies that are always opposites on pin3 and pin9.

So far I have used tone which actually makes it up to 100kHz with some noise. I have also tried CurieTimerOne, which has no noise, but only goes up to 50kHz. Each of these functions only allow for one instance of the function at a time, and cannot both be used at the same time. I believe this is because they are both tied to the same timer.

I have found many good examples of how to manipulate the registers on other versions of arduinos to better utilize all of the timers one the board, but have yet to make heads or tails of Intel's LoadCount, Current Value, or Control Registers. These seem much different from the other versions' registers for PWM.

So is there any way to use all four / at least 2 of the PWM timers, or do I have a concept about the timers messed up? Or is there an easy to follow example of using the PWM registers that I missed?


CurieTimerOne and Toner are both based off of ARC_V2_TMR1. I cannot find a good data sheet for the ARC core of the board, but from the source code it seems that there are only two timers on the ARC side, and utilizing TMR0 messes up just about everything in the OS except for TMR1.

I still have not found a way that anyone has utilized the four PWM timers on the Quark Core.