Generating PPM signals to send to RC transmitter

I am looking to use an arduino to generate PPM signals to send through to a futaba RC controller. The futaba will be used to control a car, but that isnt the concern right now, more so about how to connect the arduino to the RC transmitter and send through PPM signals generated using the arduino?

Did you do an inter thingy searchie using the words "arduino PPM"? Did you find that there is a PPM library that can do the thing?


Oh. Well, here is something to get you started, PulsePosition - Arduino Reference. And don't forget to try that inter netty searchie thingy and those words. You may begat more info.

Dets please.

What RC transmitter?

What Arduino boad?

What on the Arduino will be creating the values that you hope will be transmisted, received, decoded and put out on the PWM channels on your receiver?


So the RC transmitter is a Futaba T14sg. Arduino UNO, and the purpose is to essentialy use the futaba to transmit ppm signals generated by the arduino board to control a RC car. The values will mostly be user input so far, but I am still trying to plan out the project properly. Essentially my issues are i dont know how to connect to the futaba and use it as the transmitter to a signal generated by the UNO board.

Have you tried searching for "Arduino generate PPM"? That seems to find plenty of examples of projects that have already done what you need. That's assuming the T14sg has a standard PPM trainer input.


One would have to wonder why.....
All the circuitry would already be in place for the encoder etc. on the Futaba board.

OK, so you have no problem generating the PPM signal with an Arduino sketch.

I am not familiar with that transmitter. My r/c transmitter has a buddy jack, if I were to connect two copies of my TX with a buddy cable, I could pass control to a novice and let her fly, then grab back control before she crashes.

Perhaps your transmitter has such a thing; that’s where to feed the PPM somehow after figure out how to determine who is talking and who is listening…

google variously

futuna buddy cable
futaba buddy box
buddy boxing
buddy box

might turn up the pesky details. The cable is just an audio stereo patch cable phono plugs both ends. At least for my TX.


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