Generating voltage and current

How do i generate voltage with 0-10v and current with 4-20mA with Arduino uno board without any external module or interfacing card like current loop sensors.

It is impossible to do that without external components.

What are you actually trying to do? Pretend to be a current loop sensor for some other device to read?

i just want an output current with 4-20mA from arduino uno board without any external module

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which external module should i connect to arduino uno board to get current output of 4-20mA.

I have no experience with that, but 4-20mA does come up on the forum occasionally so a search of the forum for "4-20mA output from Uno" might get you an answer.

how do i generate current of 4-20mA from arduino uno board.

or which external module should i connect with arduino uno board to generate current of 4-20mA.

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Is this for an industrial application, if so you will need a 24V supply, which is standard, for the 4-20mA loop supply.

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arduin0 0-10v 4-20ma

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