generation midi clock

I want to make a my arduino generate midi clock out of 2 midi outputs so i can sync 2 different devices to it and i want to control the tempo with a pot. Does anyone have any links to some good info on how to generate midi clock with an arduino or any advice at all? I have dealt with reading pots and converting it into midi cc before but its making a clock and what signals to send that is confusing the hell out of me.

Any help at all will be muchly appreciated thanks.

Generating MIDI clock is relatively easy.

I built a (somewhat) simple “analog-style” MIDI sequencer, which does transmit a MIDI clock signal. Schematics and source are available on my blog, which I’m going to link to below. If you just want a clock source, you’d only need the Tempo pot and the MIDI out wiring, and ignore all the other stuff :slight_smile:

The key thing is to transmit the byte 0xF8 to the serial port 24 times per quarter note. In my example, my notes are 16th notes, so I’m sending 6 clock pulses per note.

ok, now that I’ve posted once, the link to my schematics and source is here.