Generator set Monitoring and SMS through Network

I am planning to build an Arduino project with the following outputs

-I want to monitor a generator set if it is running or not that will run to our network. Monitored from a browser - When a gerator run it will send SMS and after 1 hour of running will send another message. And when the gerator set shut down it will also send SMS.

What Arduino component will I am going to purchase?


Aries :)

NodeMCU or WeMOS, not Arduino (those are ESP8266 based; not AVR like Arduinos; comes with built-in WiFi; for monitoring you can connect directly to its built-in web server).

Are NodeMCU or WeMOS are part of Arduino?

No, but there's a core for the Arduino IDE and they're largely code compatible. Most Arduino libraries run on the ESP8266 without changes. For more info on this processor, start here.