Generator & Sleep Mode In Arduino

I need a lot of amp hours for the project (more than 400 AH); I can’t use solar or regular power :cold_sweat:. I plan to use batteries, but this not be easily accessible and space/$ is somewhat limited. I was looking at using a generator from a water pipe (regular water line) to generate power for my project. Seeed Studio has one water line generator that works with a 1/2 line. Available at:

This may work well for what I need, but I primarily need one for a 3/4 line. I just can’t find one for a 3/4 water line. Could someone please post a link for one? I would greatly appreciate it.

Lastly, I would like to turn off the Arduino and anything connected to it every other second to conserve power. I wanted to ask if there are any recommended books or other information on using the sleep mode with the Arduino Uno. I was thinking to purchase the Arduino CookBook By O’Reilly, but was not sure if it contained this material.

Pretty good tutorial on low power usage:

Because the hydro generator is going to reduce the diameter of the pipe to make a jet I would bet using an pipe adapter to turn 3/4 into 1/2 won't hurt your performance too much.

You could also look into a hydrogen or propane fuel cell or a small propane generator. Fuel cells can produce nice clean power and a tank of gas can store a lot of energy.

That said, the simplest and most common way of providing this power is by using a bank of 12 or 24 volt deep cycle batteries.