Generic Eagle Question

Hey All,

I’m designing a board in Eagle. As I’m laying out the PCB, I realized I needed to make a couple small changes. I made the changes in the schematic, but now the layout software says that the boards are different, and no ‘back annotation’ is possible. I’ve used Kicad before, and it has this feature where you can re-read the netlist, and it will add any modules that are missing… then all you have to do is delete the old ones.

Is there a way to do something similar? I really dont want to have to re-lay out the entire pcb every time i just want to make a change to the schematic. For a ‘professional grade’ piece of software like Eagle, you’d think it would be smarter than this. Even Kicad, which isn’t exactly the best can handle this.


Zach, Eagle supports back notation. You need to make all the changes in the schematics. The error you receive is when you make a change in the board file, or you are opening files that do not correspond to each other.

It was definitely me being a n00b. If anyone else has the same problem when working on a board, just remember to use the ‘Board → Layout’ button in the top. Otherwise it gets mad if you alt+tab, or whatnot. luckily Eagle makes 400 backups, so it was pretty easy to recover from. :wink:

Eagle’s backups have saved me a couple of times.
Never edit a schematic without having the board open at the same time, and vis versa.