Genetic algorithm to compare the position

Hello guys, I have a question to ask about GA. Let's said I have an equation can calculate the position of sun, but to make sure my solar panel can receive the maximum solar radiation, I use GA to calculate the best position to see if the calculated position is correct. Then if there is some error between the GA generated position and the calculated position, the panel will move to the position that can increase the capturing of solar radiation. I actually implement GA just to make sure solar panel can move to desired position to capture the maximum solar radiation when there is a sudden change in environment. Is it necessary? I know few degree misalignment doesn't affect the power but just wanted to see if the GA generated angle is still better than the calculated angle. Sorry for such stupid question.

How does the GA calculate the "best position"? How and why would this be any better than an equation to calculate the position of the sun.


A simple search for the maximum works extremely well.

So does a simple solar position calculation.

menloon: when there is a sudden change in environment.

Why would there be a 'sudden change in environment' ?

You would expect the position of the Sun to be pridicatable for millions\billions of years into the future.

Why use an algorithm?
What wrong with sensing the differential light level falling on two sensors on the PV and moving it.

You don’t need to know where you are?
It will always point in the direction of maximum radiation no matter what the weather.

Tom… :slight_smile: