genieArduino Library 4D systems

Hi -

I am extremely new to Arduino and even more so 4D Systems touch LCD's and was hoping someone could please assist with this seemingly easy task.

I simply want to read the value of the slider bar (or LCD Digit) on the 4D menu created in WorkShop as I will need this value later in my code. I managed to get the menu setup correctly, it is the coding on the Arduino side I am having trouble with. I did include the genieArduino Library but am unable the get the genieRead command working.

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So, you have some code that you can see, and a library that only you know where it came from. But, you want us to help.

Sure. Let me get my crystal ball booted up. Last time, it took about 23 days, so hang on...

I have attached the code that successfully establishes connection between 4D uCLD and Arduino Mega 2560 capturing data from Slider0 in variable and writing to Serial monitor.

Hope this can save someone some time.


Final_Test4D.ino (1.88 KB)