Gentoo avrdude problem and solution

This is my first post here. I've been playing with a Diecimila for a couple weeks, going through some of the tutorials at, searching here when I have a problem, etc. All along the way I found solutions to various road blocks on this forum.

Currently, I'm working on getting accurate time information from a small WWVB receiver circuit I hacked out of a Radio Shack clock. With the arduino plugged into a linux box in a back room, I get a good WWVB signal 24x7, so I started trying to get the linux box setup for arduino development.

After some struggling, I gave up on the arduino gui, then gave up on the cross compiler, and decided I could continue to develop on windows, copy the hex file to the linux box, and use avrdude on linux to load the code. (This will allow me to leave the arduino in one spot where it gets a good WWVB signal, but continue to work on the software anywhere and upload new code remotely.)

I finally got to the point where avrdude worked, but only once. After that the USB port was left in a state where subsequent uploads failed with an "out of sync" error. The solutions I could find here and elsewhere were windows specific.

All this to say that the solution I came up with was to follow the avrdude upload with the command:

"stty -F /dev/ttyUSB0 hup"

So, now I'm back to decoding WWVB. When that's done I'll add a RTC and the arduino will always know what time it is.