Genuine Nano uploading issue

I recently got a genuine Nano from the arduino store and I had some issues when trying to upload code on it.
When I plugged it into my computer, windows recognized it and successfully installed the drivers (it appears in the device manager as COM5), and it also appears correctly under "Ports" in the IDE.
When I try to upload the Blink example code, it fails and I get the error, "avrdude: stk500_recv(): programmer is not responding". Under tools, it is set as a Nano, with the 328P processor. This matches the markings on the chip. All other settings are default.
However, if I change the board to an Uno in Tools, it uploads just fine. Does anyone know why it is doing this and whether or not I am going to have issues if I always upload the code this way? I will not be using the extra analog pins that are not present on the Uno.

Set the board type to "Nano (Old Bootloader)"

Nano’s used to have a different bootloader , probably that ?

BTW; If you have older Nano’s you can select the board as UNO , then upload the UNO bootloader - the board then appears as a UNO and you can then use the watchdog timer which wouldn’t previously work.