Genuino 101 and Xbee Pro S5

Hey there,
I'm working with the genuino 101, an adaptershield for xbee and the xbee pro S5.

I like to implement an Xbee mesh network to send some simple data to a "main point"(this main point is collecting the data and send them to a web application), this mainpoint ist actually an Intel Edison with a FONA Sim800 module and also a xbee S5. The mesh network shoud implemented by the Genuino101 an the Xbee's...this is the idea, but actually I have some trouble to connect xbee and the genuino101.

Is there somebody out with expirence or are the some libs to use which are working for this scenario?

Thank you for your help and time for discussions.
Greetz bjtriben

i ran into similar problem too! except that i'm using a S2 xbee module instead of a S5.

i wonder if it's because Genuino101 doesn't support xbee modules...