Genuino 101 battery pack

Is it possible to use an Li-ion 3.7v battery pack to power the Genuino 101 board?
I want to use it on a project for logging activites for mye dog during training.

It seems the board is rated for 3.3v power, so using a 3.7v-4.2v battery directly may cause some damage. Using a low-dropout voltage regulator may work, but is on the very edge of the regulators minimum input: A better option would be a small buck converter, although they are usually rated for a minimum input of 4.5v, I have found they work very well with Li-ion batteries:

Hope this help. ~Josh

This board can not run on the 3.7 volt battery for a different reason. the pins are 3.3 to 5 volt tolerant. and the recommended input voltage is 7-12 volts.