genuino 101 driver


I'm using windows 7 and running Arduino IDE 1.6.7. I have installed the "Intel Curie Boards" package by Intel version 1.0.4.

In the device manager, under COM and LPT ports, GENUINO 101 appears with the icon indicating that the device is not properly configured

The hardware id of this device is: USB\VID_8087&PID_0AB6&REV_8087

I tried to install the intc_serial.inf driver in C:\Users\SUPERVISORR\AppData\Local\Arduino15\packages\Intel\tools\sketchUploader\1.6.4+1.14\drivers and it can't be installed

How can I proceed to get this working? Thank you

I have installed it in another windows 7 on a virtual machine and everything works ok. I don't understand why it doesn't let me to install the serial port driver

Hi deiv23, the drivers should install correctly also on the physical Windows machine since they are signed and available for both 32 and 64 bit. You could try changing the USB cable or the USB port as a last chance, but since the board appears on the Device Manager I believe it can be related with a messed-up Windows installation.

hi I had exactly this problem after buying a 101 and installing the curie core the fix is quite easy, in Device Manager right click on the device and select Update Driver when the search for driver window comes up click on Browse, set the directory to C:/ and let windows search for the driver. When it finds the driver click the Install button and all should be well, on mine in Arduino Tools/Ports the new serial port will be visible, select it and your ready to rock

hope this helps and good luck Dave

Download "'Intel Curie Boards' by Intel version 1.0.4 _ (Arduino 101)" on the Board manager on the Arduino window.

ive the same issues,none of the above work for me running win xp sp3,any ideas?

The process to install the drivers on XP takes some work but check this thread.

The folder names may have changed since this thread was updated.

You need to add the Intel Curie Core to the Arduino Software (IDE). This simple procedure is done selecting Tools menu, then Boards and last Boards Manager.

Guide on installing additional Arduino cores is here:

this is bs none of this works,still code 10 driver issues.

this is bs none of this works,still code 10 driver issues.


Specific OS ? Specific computer hardware (please dont say a win tablet or an android device) ? Steps taken ?

[u]Without SPECIFICS it is almost impossible to help anyone[/u]

My 101 had some initial driver issues but it didnt take me long to figure it out. I downloaded the specific driver from INTEL (yes its is thier hardware) and once I had those in I re-installed the boards package in the regular IDE and my driver issues were fixed.

ive several pcs ive tried it with,this one runs win7 64 its a dell inspiron 1720,installed the latest intel board drivers etc and done everything mentioned in the above posts,still no luck,im gonna thro the piece of garbage in the bin!.

That is quite odd as WIN 7 is usually more driver tolerant than 8 to 10.

Win 7 pro here.

So which IDE ? (Use the full IDE not the APP version)

Create Editor is quite driver friendly for the 101 so long as you say YES to the pop ups during the install of the plugin and my 101 works very well with that too (Win 7 and 10 using Chrome or Edge).

Can you provide a pic of the device manager COM & LPT PORT section ?
The UNKNOWN devices section if the 101 puts itself there ?

Should look something like this but maybe not as many active boards.

Com ports.jpg

Or like the second picture if the 101 is not playing nice.

Com ports unknown device.jpg