Genuino 101 & Lcd 128x64 KS0108 using u8glib

Good morning guys,

I facing trouble trying to interface my Genuino 101 and an LCD with KS0108 controller. I've tried to do this using the u8glib and uncommenting the proper code line but nothing is shown in the display. When I compile the code it says that the library is intended for the use with an ARM core and not a SAM core so that it should not working.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance

Use openGLCD library. It supports Genuino 101 and KS0108 based displays. Genuino is CoreCode mode device in its documentation.

You might need documentation for this lib and documentation for your display (for pins name). First is in the library .rar file in the doc folder. Google the second one.

Then two things: Make sure pins are connected correctly. If everything is black or nothing is seen, adjust the display contrast with 10k pot.