Genuino Brand

Genuino is’s sister-brand created by Arduino co-founders Massimo Banzi, David Cuartielles, Tom Igoe, and David Mellis, the team and community. This brand is used for boards and products sold outside the US.

The Genuino brand certifies the authenticity of boards and products in line with the philosophy of open-hardware and open-source that has always characterized the values of Arduino.

Genuino makes the Arduino open-source project available worldwide through alliances with with local market-leading manufacturers in Asia, Europe, South America, Canada and Africa.

More info very soon on our Genuino Brand Page

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Today the store is offline. Does it means boards will be newly available soon? :)

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Translate please for the rest of us.


It serves to activate the notification system on forum side (not by email) "x iscrizione" is the italian way :)

maufirma: Today the store is offline. Does it means boards will be newly available soon? :)

Yes, when Genuino boards are available for purchase will post it on the blog and in here :)

Please keep us Arduino distributors notified when Genuino has a route to market in the UK please :)

I recently got one of these ZIF devevopment modules for 40-pin AVR, mini-dev-board

I'd purely love something like that for 28-pin 328P breakout, but I don't need the power plug and regulator, just extra 5V and GND pins.

Could you sell both ZIF and matching socket versions populated and bare boards in multi-packs? Sell the chips and a programmer, or integrate an ATtiny programmer into the ZIF board maybe? And then you have the full hardware set for a Minty Boost Kit; buy this. do that...... and I will have my ZIF 328P dev board with standalone target boards available.

Could someone tell me if what I understood is correct?

Basically, Genuino is Arduino in the rest of the world due to Arduino Srl? And in the USA it is known as Arduino?

yes, at least for now. at the end of legal dispute we hope that Arduino become the official name in all the world

Most of us learned that Arduino is open boards, software and support on this site. What we buy to support all of that should not go to boards alone.

I can get boards all over.

What pays for Arduino IDE development, Arduino web site and support? Still Lady Ada. Sparkfun, etc?

Was there a time when money from a store went to the sneaky partner instead of the group effort?

Most of us learned that Arduino is open boards, software and support on this site

For Avr micro-controler, software and IDE until 1.05 are a Wiring Project creation (Hernado Barragan). Have a look on the Arduino IDE avr files you will find many names like wiring.c, wiring_analog.c, wiring_digital.c, wiring_pulse.c, wiring_shift.c, Winterrupts.c and so on...

ARM: For ARM (cortex M3 (DUE) and cortex M0 (Zero), software and IDE> 1.5 are only an Arduino creation (eventually with Atmel help for software). For ARM the only source of support are Arduino and Atmel website. Notice that Atmel has soon Xplained boards based on SAMD20 and SAMD21. Notice that Arduino LCC Zero board schematic is not signed by Arduino LLC [u]but by Atmel[/u] and board are manufactured in Europe (by Atmel or under Atmel responsabily).

AVR : For avr Arduino website is the main source of support, but it is not alone. Wiring site is not very active [u]but it is not dead[/u]. Notice that Avr Wiring code is often more recent that Arduino avr code.

I am saying that we understood Arduino to be a total package and that by buying the boards, all were supported. The actions of the board making partner betrayed that. Even support needs support.

Missing jigsaws...

Arduino: Adafruit -> USA Genuino: Seeedstudio -> Asia Genuino: ???? -> Europe Genuino: ???? -> Rest of the world (Australia, Africa, South-America...)

Genuino: Italy for sure, because the .org register the name before Banzi

testato, he is talking about producer. Europe and rest of the world still does not have an official producer.

I always liked the fact that the boards were made in Italy and not the far east.

Thanks lesto, i misunderstand it

I hope that a little production remain in Italy, it will be symbolic but very important for the Arduino history