Genuino Ethernet (and 802.3at - 30W PoE)


Recently one of my Arduino Ethernet broke and was looking to replace it. I ran into the Genuino part discussion and as such would prefer to replace it with a Genuino (buying from Europe). Unfortunately it looks like you don't have a board yet with build-in Ethernet (the shield which makes is bulky).

If you need to design a new board it would be great if it could be based on 802.3at (30W PoE). Ideally also by suporting a nogtiation protocol like LLDP to adverstise back power requirements, project name, location, etc to the powering device (switch). Afaik at least the LLDP power class needs to be communicated in early boot stages, where own code might be too late to negotiate?

It could still be the same concept as the other PoE boards have, if can't make the PoE module on the board itself, you could use the same type of PoE module from a vendor like Silvertel? They do have 30W and above in same form factor to solder on the boards. But the Ethernet socket on the Genuino needs to support 8 wire Ethernet too for 802.3at. And I suppose the other parts of the board aren't designed today to handle 30W (or more if looking at 802.3bt standard in making with 90W).

This would greatly help drive more power hungry projects. And yes I do a lot of Ethernet/PoE based projects as my projects usually aren't mobile and I need to bring over data & power the device anyway. One cable with PoE is great for this. I can also profit from redundant power supplies from the powering switch like this to increase high availability towards the board.

Keep up the great work and good luck.