Genuino isn't recognized by pc

Hi, i bought Genuino Uno Rev3 last week but i have a big problem. When i connect usb to the computer, computer doesn't recognize Genuino (if i go to the Devices Manager Genuino doesn't appear anywhere) but the led of power is on and the orange led is on.

I changed the usb wire many times but is the same. I tested on another computer but the situation is the same. I'm very tired of this situation.


No, i've tested with an old USB cable, but it didn't working, then i bought a new cable USB but it doesn't work...


If you get nothing on plugin, (make sure sound is on, listen for the noise), or if you get the "hardware has malfunctioned" popup message, return it for a refund/replacement.

If you get something in device manager, and it just doesn't work, that's likely a driver issue.

Yes, i made a ticket at Store Support to replace the board