Genuino Micro: Should legs on USB connector be soldered?

I accidentally took off the entire USB connector from my 2 day old Genuino Micro. :frowning: After looking at it more closely, I'm now wondering if this is entirely my fault or not: It seems that the two legs on the connector were not soldered in place: Pictures

Is this normal?

No idea if that's normal but of course it should be soldered. Since the pads didn't rip off the board it can be fairly easily fixed. This happened to a friend's clone Pro Micro(which had soldered surface mount support pins) and I couldn't manage to hand solder those short pins on the USB jack so I cut a USB cable, soldered the wires of the cable to a small piece of stripboard, and then connected that to the pads with magnet wire.

That's a fairly common fabrication flaw, though I thought the genuino boards were supposed to be well made (it's very common on cheap boards from china. The sub-$1 serial adapter usb tabs are only soldered about 20% of the time, for example)

Thanks for the replies. I purchased it from Mouser, so the chance of it being counterfeit is minimal. Certainly a bit disappointing.