Geophone interface to Arduino

I'm getting ready to interface my Arduino to a Geophone which produces an AC voltage. I'm going to use this circuit defined here to amplify the signal and produce the DC bias voltage needed for the Arduino board. Has anyone used this circuit before for this. I believe it will work.

Tnx, Rob

The INA125 is often used with the Arduino. And it works with a single 5V.

Thanks for the reply, is there a circuit design somewhere using the INA125 part with a Geophone as the load sensor? The Geophone sensor I have has a natural frequency of 10 hz and a coil resistance of 395 ohms and there are just 2 contacts on the sensor. It would be neat to see a circuit design using INA125 part that I could attach the output to an analog input on the Arduino board to measure with. Let me know if you know of any.


can anyone help me ... with the connection of arduino with geophone sm 24... how to read the value of the vibration that is sensed.. cant it be directly connect to arduino???

cant it be directly connect to arduino?

No. See the information on the Sparkfun product page and GitHub site.