Geophone to Arduino as a switch - assistance

I'm a beginner and sure enough this is a simple project..

I'd like to connect a Geophone [link below] to Arduino so that when vibration is detected it closes a switch to a DC motor also connected to the Arduino. I've only toyed with the controller and some sketches before so just some layman's terms and initial starting guidance would be super helpful.

Product/datasheet is here:]


There seems to be no info at all there. Given that it seems to be essentially an analog microphone, I guess you could just use an op-amp and low pass filter to amplify the signal to something that the Arduino can read.

It may also be possible to connect it directly to a digital input, which would give a simpler circuit, but beware of negative input voltages or positive input voltages outside the 5V range as these would damage the Arduino. You could prevent those by using diodes to prevent negative or excessive positive inputs.