Georeference project


I have done a project using Arduino Uno 2011, Ethernet shield (with SD card) and a GPS Shield. I save the GPS information, every second, in files in the SD Card and then I can in Google Earth (or Google Maps) where I have been. But I have to remove the SD card from the shield and put it in the laptop. So I remembered... and if I substitute the Ethernet shield with the Wireless shield with Xbee2 that I also have? Maybe the Xbee can communicate with my Android phone and instead of saving the GPS files in the SD card, save them in my phone. I'll have my phone synchronized with my laptop with Dropbox or Sugarsync and so I'll have the information constantly updated. The problem is I don't find any information on how to create file directly in my phone...

Is this possible? Is my idea too stupid?

Help, please. Thank you very much.


Is possible to create files directly on my Android without wired connection? I have Xbee Pro S2B.


Yes, but you'll need to write an app to do it.

dxw00d: Yes, but you'll need to write an app to do it.

Thanks. I'll explore WyFly. Can anyone have help find a beginners guide? Thanks.