Gesture controlled car ..controlled by hand

iam trying to make gesture controlled car ..i used nrf24 and mpu6050 .. when i open serial monitor it just give : (stop)..and doesnt change even when i change direction of mpu 6050
i dont know what is the problem >>

here is the code and circuit

plz help

It is almost impossible to say !

Either :

the software /hardware description is wrong .
You’ve got an error in your version of the software .
You’ve wired it up wrong .

You need to provide a few more details - what have tried ? Hopefully not using a tiny 9v battery, explain what the serial monitor should show , what do the car do , what have you tested etc

iam using 9v but in the sender not the reciver

and in the reciver iam using arduino uno instead of nano..but i asked and they said its fine

if we asume that iam doing the same thing that the link i shared is doing..then will it be any problem

Have you checked you are using the right pins on the UNO ?

Can “ they” help you at all ??

If you have done the same as the link , then it will work ( I guess) . There must be a mistake on your part or in the info they are supplying has errors .
Impossible to fault find via a forum , unless you can provide some real detail of things you’ve tried - is it communicating from transmitter to receiver , serial connection ok ( baud rate etc ) .

its the same pins iam sure

serial connection is not okay
it always gives :(zero-stop) even when i change direction of mpu

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