Get 0v when using AVR Dragon ICE

I have an AVR Dragon ICE, like this one:

I have connected its squid connector to the ICSP connector on my Uno following this pin out:

When I connect my AVR Dragon ICE to my PC (USB) I get an orange status light, the Dragon gets listed in Atmel Studio, but the Uno's status lights are dark and Atmel Studio reports it gets 0v.

If I connect my Uno to USB, it doesn't light up, but if I connect the Uno and disconnect the Dragon, the Uno lights up.

But as soon as I even touch the USB cable to the USB connector on the dragon, power fails on the Uno.

I can't open the 2nd link (problem on my end most likely)
Are you connecting it up in SPI mode?
Sounds like you are shorting out the +5V on the Uno ICSP header, pin 2.

MISO 1 2 +5

Yes, I think I am shorting it/connecting +5 to GND and GND to +5

but I am connecting it just like

I have checked the PIN orientation, etc... (I'm using a genuine UNO R3).

Are the pins backwards on that diagram? I don't want to do a lot of trial and error because I don't want to break my Uno.