Get 5v while using a TFT shield

I'm using a TFT shield on top of an Arduino Mega, and the shield itself obviously covers all of the power pins. I need to use bluetooth communication with the Arduino, so I need to get 5v from somewhere.
I know that digital pins provide 5v, but I'm worried about the current limitation.

A Mega has got 5V on the Power header and also on the 18x2 header and the 3x2 ISP header.

It probably has 5V on the 16u2 isp header.

It is not easy to connect to a male header pin when the shield is in place.
You can use a right-angle male pin to connect to a female header e.g. 18x2

You can connect to the 3x2 ISP with a regular 6-way IDC ribbon.


I'm now using the 5v on the 18x2 header, thanks a lot for letting me know!