Get and Set states on a PC application

Hi All - My first post.

I'm on the forum to find out if this is possible - I haven't started this just currently looking into it.

I want to be able to get and set states on an application that will be running on a PC - I have C++ commands that will get or set the application running but i don't know if this is possible via an Arduino.

The idea is to be able to press a button connected to the Arduino which will set a state of the PC application - In the background the Arduino will be polling the PC application for state changes. All depending on the state this will set an LED to a certain colour.

Thanks in advance and sorry for the newbie approach.

Use regular Serial/USB communication to send commands back and forth.

That was easy.

I don't suppose you know where some example code of how this would work is available?


Google "Arduino serial communication" and you will find lots of code examples and tutorials.

Thanks very much

This Python - Arduino demo should provide ideas. The same techniques can be implemented in any PC programming language.

Also have a look at the examples in Serial Input Basics - simple reliable ways to receive data.