Get data from a simulation game


This may not be about arduino programing directly.
I'm developing a electronic system for Falcon BMS simulation with Arduino DUE. Swtiches and buttons working well with this system.

Now I want to get some data from game like if a system broken or not. Or like RPM information of engine. So if i can get these datas, i will send them by serial port.

How can i get these datas from game?
Can i do this with java on eclipse?
Thank you for you support.


As a start, you can use CheatEngine or similar, to find the memory addresses of the values that you are looking for. You can then write a program that will watch these values, and report changes to your arduino. It is not an easy task, especially if you have no idea about programming...

Maybe XSim can help you ?

I have experiance with java. Are that memory asresses chanced when pc or game restarted? If it is, the algorithm that i will write is gonna find changed memory adresses every opening.
I can not trust chanced datas for every condition like 0 or 1. This change operation may be occupied so many time. I have to get data in a more trusted way.
Am i true?