get data from android

I use a android TV box at home. I automated a few parts, that I do over and over again anyways with a arduino acting as mouse/keyboard. The problem is that especially when the internet is bad some things need longer to load. I could generally raise the delay between the actions, but that would just make it slow as hell all the time. So I need to always check wether the program is already loaded. Is there a way to get this information from android with a arduino?
Ty for the help

It is definitely possible to exchange info between an Android app and an Arduino. I'm doing just that with a NodeMCU and my phone, both connected to the same WiFi network.

Now whether it's possible to get this info from your unspecified TV box with unspecified (proprietary? Open source?) software, that's a whole different matter.

The Android TV Box is a beelink gt1 with android 6.0
Well ik I can get it from my own app, but I want to run apps that are not mine and detect the data, so can't send me the data with a app I guess.
I know you should have the possibility to get the data over android debug bridge, but not sure wether there is a possibility to get it with a microcontroller, because I don't want to use Raspberry pi as it would nearly double the power consumption of the setup.