Get Data from cell in Google Sheets using ESP32

Hello everyone!

I want to get a number from a cell in google sheets using an ESP32. Can anyone help with some code for this? Thanks so much!

What is "google sheets"?

Help with some code? Sure. Post the code You have.

For Your future, please read the first topic telling how to get the best from this forum.

Google Sheet's is google's version of Microsoft Excel. I don't have any code right now since I don't know how to do it, any help would be appriciated

Have You tried to use Google on "Google sheet"?
That will likely bring more knowledge but no Arduino code.
Adjusting a malfunctioning code is a job for forum. If You have not code at all, the usual response is not any ready code. You need to get started with something.

I think the OP wants one of us to use Google to search for "google sheets arduino" and write back here all the information we find. A lot easier for him to do the search himself.

Fully possible but highly disliked..

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