Get data from DDE Server?

I have an application that uses DDE to share information across different programs. I put a DDE link in an Excel spreadsheet and it will continue to update that cell with the value that is sent from the other application. Would anybody know the best way to get that information to the arduino via a serial port?

I've seen applications (expensive ones) that will write Excel spreadsheet cell values to a serial port. But I'd like to make it as simple as possible and not even use Excel if possible.

Here is an example of what I type into an Excel spreadsheet to get the value: here is the format =name|topic!subject?info and here is the actual link =blx8|quote!GOOG?last

That will return the last price of Google's stock. I need to get that value to my arduino. Any ideas?

One way would be to write a Visual Basic application. I've not done it myself but I know that Visual Basic supports DDE and has some support for interacting with a serial port.

For DDE, you're looking for an "advise link".

Good luck, Brian